Morten Haxholm is an established doublebass player and composer in his native Denmark and on the international jazz scene. Graduated in 2013 from the prestigious “soloist” class education (7 years) at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen (RMC), and with eight albums in his own name and several tours with his own bands (and as a sideman) in Denmark and Europe, he has emerged on the music scene as a new composer and bass player to be reckoned with.

Morten Haxholm is engaged in countless Danish jazz, pop and rock projects as a sideman, has an active work as a composer, and has played with countless Danish musicians: Nikolaj Hess, Jesper Løvdal, Claus Waidtløw, Søren Møller, Bob Rockwell, Jakob Høyer, Mads LaCour and recorded (and played several tours) with international names like Lage Lund, Gilad Hekselman, Emma Rawicz, Lionel Loueke, Melissa Aldana, Seamus Blake, John Escreet, Jonathan Kreisberg and Ari Hoenig.

Haxholms newest album “AETHER” was nominated for a Danish Music Award 2023 in the “best composer of year” category.

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*Nominated for best jazz composer of the year 2023” (Danish Music Awards) LINK

Ivan Rod (Gaffa m. fl.) LINK

“Listen to Aether once, and you will think that behind the artistic expression lies a virtuoso routine and a rare sense of interplay – in addition to, of course, some solid compositions.

Since Haxholm has at the same time put together a terrific team of musicians: Lubos Soukup on saxophone and clarinet, Rasmus Oppenhagen Krogh (and in a supplementary position, Steffen Nordenstam) on guitar, Nikolaj Hess (or Søren Gemmer on piano) and Jakob Høyer, it all ends with top grades.

The music is rigorous, stylistically clear. It is spherical, minimalist and melodic. Yes, in long stretches poignant. For example, listen to a dynamic/organic track like Vesper, and you will (cf. the title of the track) feel transported to a sacred universe at dusk. There is at once something redeemingly beautiful and oppressively wistful about the track, indeed, about most of the tracks on the album.

Throughout, they are minimalistic, refined and beautiful. Just like the solo parts that are included. In moments, the music borders on neoclassical chamber music. In other moments up to the modern jazz, with the particularly Nordic melancholy. In any case – it’s beautiful!”

***** / Zach’s Music / 46 min.


Jazzspecial – November 17th, 2023 (nr 188) LINK 1LINK 2

A beautiful release. Saturated with atmosphere through all eight original compositions, where they are played effortlessly, confidently and each with a contribution to the album’s aesthetics.

It is an achievement to maintain such a clear mood and tone throughout an almost full hour. This applies both to the performances of the individual musicians but also to the mature production throughout the album.
In accordance with the genre, the music moves on the edge of an ambient approach, where the experience of the individual tracks flows over each other, and the music almost becomes a meditative state more than a distinct storytelling. It is a genre that, among others, German ECM has worked with for decades.

Although there are references, the album has distinct integrity and many layers beneath the uniform surface. Small stories appear, change colors, solo performances appear and replace each other. The emotional register is kept in a subdued and slightly melancholic universe, which contributes to the meditative experience. You are firmly held in a loving and warm atmosphere.

…AETHER is a strong and convincing album with vivid and distinctive playing from all the musicians.”


VerhoovensJazz, (Juni 2023) LINK

…the music, it is contemplative – and comes as mostly restrained and flowing, pearling or swirling as with Henri Texier perhaps or as in the label assortment of ECM – intensity within reach.

..Morten Haxholm has designed and implemented a great piece of peace and quiet with Aether, that should get around…


Nagamag (Juni 2023) LINK

Deeper mood and melancholic atmosphere full of emotional soundscapes is something that this track is exploring so well.


SALT PEANUTS (Oktober 2023) LINK

..«Hilda», som er tilegnet Haxholms bestemor, og som er en vakker og lyrisk sak, som nesten kunne vært en komposisjon av Carl Nielsen eller en av de andre, danske låskriverne som skapte den danske viseskatten..

..samlet sett låter dette som en varm ettermiddag ved en av de danske kystene, hvor både hav og himmel går i blått..


“Contempoary, and with chops a la carte, the gentlemen delievers to a top grade.” …

“One of the best rounded, timeless jazz albums, this reviewer have heard in a long time. Star Potential.”



“It’s New Yorker jazz of the rough-edged kind. The kind of jazz where you hardly dare to take a breath

fear of missing something. … Vestigum is quality jazz from the top shelf. “

Jazznyt, Oct 11 2018 LINK


“There is little doubt that Denmark has a proud tradition of fostering exceptional bassists – just think of names like Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen, Jesper Lundgaard, Bo Stief, Jesper Bodilsen and, more recently, Anders Christensen, Jonas Westergaard and Richard Andersson. Add Morten Haxholm to this ever growing list.”



“Rough Edged New Yorker Vibe” – about “Viridian”

4/5 star review in JAZZWIZE, september 2015 LINK


Top 10 of JAZZWISE Europe Chart 2013 – for “Equilibrium” LINK


“Tastefull combination of guile and swing” – about “Equilibrium”

JAZZWISE, september 2013   LINK


“Det er new yorkerjazz af den saftige slags. Jazz der er fyldt med komplekse og teknisk krævende elementer. Quintessence of Dust efterlader stor respekt for Morten Haxholm som bassist, komponist og bandleader.”

JAZZNYT, 10 nov 2014  LINK



“..A great album: thinking man’s jazz you can pat your foot to…” 5/5 STAR REVIEW



“Modern sophistication that moves.”



In all, a superb album of consistently good group improvisations. I wish some of Haxholm’s American counterparts would listen to this!

Artmusiclounge, Sep 2018 LINK


“..Tesseract er et særdeles vellykket album med fine kompostioner..”

JAZZNYT, SEP 11 2017    LINK


“…Absolut høreværdig nutidsjazz…”
Christian Munch Hansen, POLITIKEN, 9 April  2013    LINK


“A nice mix of relaxed spaciousness and assertive energy”

Jazz Weekly, may 2013   LINK


“Haxholms basspil er myndigt. Han styrer slagets gang. Det er en imponerende debutplade. Han lægger ud med jazz, der lugter af New York – ikke kun i stil men også i talent og udstråling.” Jazznyt, 19 Februar 2013  LINK


“..the playing is uniformly impeccable..”

Peter Bacon / The Jazz Breakfast LINK