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October 23, 2020.

NEW EP with Michael Møller & Foreign Lands released today. This indie/folk band is a collaborative effort – with the talented songwriter Michael in front. He writes lyrics/melodies to the band members demos – and we arrange some of his songs in a more folk-ish setting. Super cool band! 🙂

Here is a (danish) review of the album: 5/6 stars: *****

Youtube video of the title track: “Everything Is New Tomorrow”

October 23, 2020.

New album out – I play some doublebass on the album “Cura” by the talented Liva Mo:

Link tree to stream etc:

Link to review: (4/6) ****

September 24, 2020.

Playing a few concerts with “LaLaBaj” – an ensemble playing music from different composers from the composer collective: “ToneArt”. Tonight at Kolding Musikskole. There is a link to video of the concert here: (Was a live stream concert – edit)

July 31, 2020.

Playing concert tonight 19.00 @ Studenterhuset, Odense. During Odense Jazzfestival 2020.

I play with the Morten Haxholm Contemporary Quartet: with a handpicked repertoire focusing on some of my favorite songs from my 7 albums. 🙂


April 3, 2020.

NEW ALBUM OUT! AVALON have been released!

All kinds of streaming links here:

And a direct Spotify link here:

March 30th, 2020.

NEW VIDEO – and new album coming April 3th with:

Morten Haxholm KOAN Quintet – this is the first track on the album: “Glomgold”:

March 9th, 2020.

NEW VIDEO – and new album coming April 3th with:

Morten Haxholm KOAN Quintet – this is the first single and the title track of the album: “Avalon”.

February 2, 2020.

Looking forwards to some spring gigs with the lovely people & music in Penny Police

January 29th, 2020.

A few new gigs with Lubos Soukup Quartet:

31st Jan, 22:00 – Christiania Jazz Club
1st Feb, 21:00 – Studenterhuset, Copenhagen

January 6th, 2020.

Happy new year!

New live video with jazz greats Jonathan Kreisberg & Ari Hoenig; “All or Nothing at All” is one my favorite jazz standards, i just love the melody and chords – here played in a bright 7/4 feel.

If you are a little geeky with rhythms (like me), there are some cool and musical examples of 4, 5 and 10 (and 5/4) over 7/4 in this take.

November 24. 2019

Play new and old compositions in Lubos Soukops extremely hip and adventeurous large band/ensemble over the next days!


November 2oth, 2019

Another cool pic from the Penny Police tour, here from last weeks gig at Mantiuz.

October 20. 2019

Cool shot from the Penny Police show at Radar.

October 18th 2019

Had a awsome show with Lubos Soukop Quartet – featuring LIONEL LOUEKE!

October 16th 2019

Cool concerts coming up!

Lubos Soukop Quartet Oct 16th @ Børneteateret, CPH

Lubos Soukop Quartet + LIONEL LOUEKE oct 17th, Paradise, CPH

Penny Police + Greta tonight Oct 18t @ Musikcafeen, CPH

Penny Police + Greta Oct 19th @ Radar, Aarhus

Asger Techau NOV 2nd 2019 @ Vega, CPH

September 20. 2019

Awsome to play at Reeberbahn festival in Hamburg 2019!

September 12. 2019

Nice concerts with Lubos Soukup Quartet coming up – and later this fall with special guest: Lionel Loueke! Always nice to play Lubos’ intricate and original take on modern jazz.

September 4. 2019

Looking forward to some nice concerts this fall and spring with the lovely indie pop band Penny Police.


September 1. 2019

New review of “Vestigium” from NYC jazzrecord :LINK

“Copenhagen-based Haxholm writes the most rhythmically and harmonically challenging compositions. Fortunately, for Vestigium, his sixth outing, he recruited guitarist Jonathan Kreisberg, pianist Nikolaj Hess and drummer Ari Hoenig (with tenor saxophonist Frederick Menzies on three cuts), whose impeccable skills prove more than equal to the task. Kreisberg and Hoenig, who played on two of Haxholm’s previous albums, are particularly impressive for their ability to navigate and elevate the pieces. Sure, Kreisberg easily burns over the opening minor blues “Occam’s Razor” and even the title track (in 5/4 time), but he’s just as facile on “Deep Sea Explorer”, a chart with thorny metrical modulations (rapidly shifting from 6- to 5- to 4- to 3-beat bars in the first section) and altered “Coltrane changes” (based on “Satellite”) in the next. Hoenig is vibrant throughout, equal parts ecstasy and precision.”


August 26. 2019

Was featured as question subject in the biggest life-style television program in Danish televison: “Kender du typen?” LINK

May 10th, 2019

Inspired by the shift of ”modal” groove/sound – to walk – in tunes like: ”Short Story”, ”Jinriksha”, ”Afro-Centric”, I’ve composed a new tune called: ”One for Joe””


May 10th, 2019

From last weeks concert. This one is called “Serendipity”:
I’ve composed some new material for a project with tunes by – and inspired by – jazz great Joe Henderson. Inspired by some traits of the tune ”Serenity”, I’ve composed a new tune called ”Serendipity”. Quite a few of the chords are the same, but in a new order. And another trick Joe also used: minor chords moving in minor thirds…


March 1th, 2019

Proud of having played some electric fender bass on this album, by Asger Techau: “Descendence”.  Released today March 1st!

October 30th, 2018

Another live video from my recent album; “Vestigium” – this song is called “A World Without End” – and is dedicated to my late grandmother.


September 17, 2018

2 new reviews of the new album: “Vestigium”:


“Vestigium finds a band that is driven by swinging drum swirls and bopping piano and guitar crescendos,

enclosing and lapping around striking ostinatos and telling melodic lines.”


Art Music Lounge review: CLICK HERE

“In all, a superb album of consistently good group improvisations. I wish some of Haxholm’s American counterparts would listen to this!”

September 14, 2018

5/5 star review in All About Jazz! *****

New modern jazz album “Vestigium” with Morten Haxholm Quartet feat Jonathan Kreisberg & Ari Hoenig out today!



Buy Physical Copy:

”Projektet er støttet af Koda Kultur / With support from Koda’s Cultural Funds” – THANKS to DMF, KODA & DJBFA for finacial support!

August 14th, 2018

In exactly one month, September 14th 2018, my 6. album as a leader will be released internationally on Storyville Records.

As a little appetizer for the album: “Vestigium”, I’m releasing a few live videoes – here a live version of the first song on the studio album: “Occam’s Razor”


July 6th, 2018

Playing a few gigs during the jazzfestival:

07.07.18 – 13.30 : CUBRA (cuban/brassilian music) @H9 CPH JAZZ

08.07.18 – 11.30: Morten Haxholm Quartet (modern jazz) @ H9 CPH JAZZ

08.07.18 – 17.30: Cecilie Strange Quartet (modern jazz) @ HUSET i magstræde

09.07.18 – 15.00: Johan Bylling Lang Quintet (groove jazz) @ DROP IN

10.07.18 – 11.30: Cecilie Strange Trio (modern jazz) @ H9 CPH JAZZ

12.07.18 – 17.00: “SomeHandsomeMen” (groove jazz) @ H9 CPH JAZZ

14.07.18 – 17.00: Morten Haugshøj Kvartet – feat Jesper Løvdal + Anders Mogensen @ Klostertorv, Århus Jazzfestival

June 12-17, 2018

Playing with TipToe Bigband @ Odense Teater:

April 16th, 2018

Playing a few cool gigs in the near future:

April 19, 20.30 @ Huset, Aalborg: “Foreign Lands & Michael Møller” – Modern indie folk

April 26th, 20.00 @ Godset, Kolding: “Lubos Sokoup Quartet” – Modern original jazz

May 4th, 20.00 @ Nordsø Records, KBH “Asger Tehau EP Release – Indie Rock


April 5th, 2018

The new york based trumpet player, Eric Siereveld, have record one of my (co-written with Jonathan Kreisberg) songs on his new album – released today!

The song is called “Occam’s Razor”














See more HERE


March 5 – 16, 2018

Playing the show “Catch me if you can” with TipToe Bigband at Odense Teater.


January 31, 2018

Playing som nice concerts next few days:

Lubos Soukop featuring Lionel Loueke

7th feb, 22:00 Christiania Jazz Club, København, Denmark

8th feb, 20.00 Trutnov, Jazzinec, Czech rep.

9th Feb, 20.00 Praha, Czech rep.


10th feb: 23.00: Michael Møller & Foreign Lands: Strib festival

Edit – found a photo from Lubos Soukop in Trutnov:


December 12th, 2017

New video, playing with super czech saxplayer Lubos Soukop, and his quartet: featuring Lionel Loueke


November 17th, 2017:

I played electric bass on this lovely indie pop song by Asger Techau.

Full Ep coming in 2018!

September 23 th, 2017

playing with Asger Techau in:

September 23th: Kansas City Odense

September 27th, Ideal Bar, KBH

September  28th, Plantagehuset, Thy


September 4th, 2017

Playing a few concerts with Michael Møller & Foreign lands:

20th OCT,  20:00 @ Bastionen, Nyborg

4th SEP, 20:00 @ Tivoli, CPH



July 18th, 2017

Playing with TipToe Bigband featuring Lucy Woodward:


July 19th, 17:00-18:00 @ Tøjhuset, Aarhus

August 5th, 20:00 @ Amfiscenen, Odense


(Edit, found some video from the concerts aftwards:)




June 29th, 2017:

New Album ” Tesseract” with my new band: “Morten Haxholm Chordless Quartet – featuring Melissa Aldana”   is now released as digital download!

    Melissa Aldana: Sax
    Mads La Cour: Flugelhorn
    Morten Hæsum: Drums
    Morten Haxholm: Doublebass & Compositions

iTunes link CLICK here

May 5th, 2017

Playing for her majesty the queen of Denmark, tonight at the official opening of the grand & new venue: ODEON in odense.


April 21st, 2017

Today the sparkling new album with Michael Møller & Foreign lands is released! So grateful to be asked to play with theese guys, and I’m really looking forward to playing with them live!


March 31st, 2017

Nice photo from our show at JazzFest BRNO: Lubos Soukop Quartet featuring Lionel Loueke



March 25 th, 2017

Playing a nice little tour with Lubos Soukop quartet – featuring Lionel Loueke!


26.03. reduta jazz club, Praha 21:00

27.03. jazzdock, Praha 19:00

28.03. vrchlabi, kedel, 19.30

29.03. jazzfest brno, 19:30

30.03 Giant Steps, Svendborg, 20:00

31.03 Kvarterhuset, København, 20:00

01.04 Studio Recording album



January 25th, 2017

Playing some nice concerts, playing all new material, and with a super band:

Jonathan Kreisberg – Guitar

Ari Hoenig – Drums

Nikolaj Hess – Piano

Morten Haxholm – Doublebass & Compositions


Catch us at:

FRE 27. JANUAR @ JAZZ6000, Kolding