New album coming spring 2018!

Morten Haxholm Quartet: “Equilibrium”

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Track listing:

01. Giacometti

02.  Ezra

03. Falter

04. Reconstructed

05. Night And Day

06. Unseen

07. Cruithne

08. Out of Nowhere



Bonus Info:

A few days before traveling to New York, my doublebass suffered a terrible injury, and I had to find another bass very fast!!

Luckly it all turned out pretty good – but my own bass was terriblely missed!:



Line up:

Jonathan Kreisberg – Guitar
Ari Hoenig – Drums
Morten Haxholm – Doublebass
Frederick Menzies – Sax on 4 tracks
William Larsson – Rhodes on 1 track


All tracks composed by Morten Haxholm – except track 05 & 08

Released by Storyville Records 2013.

Recorded February 27, 2012 at Systems Two, Brooklyn

Mix & Mastered by John Fomsgaard @ Karmacrew


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Track listing:

01. Prometheus  

02. Brazen

03. Umber

04. Deepsea Explorer

05. Cognitive Dissonance

06. Miyagi

07. Subtle Drift

08. Happy Ever After Is So Once Upon A Time

Line up:

Seamus Blake – Sax
John Escreet – Piano
Rasmus Schmidt – Drums
Morten Haxholm – Doublebass


All songs composed by Morten Haxholm – except nr 08 by Rasmus Schmidt

Released May the 29th 2015 on Gateway Music

Recorded at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, by Michael Brorby on April 16th 2014

Mixed by Bjørn Gjessing – Mastered by John Fomsgaard, Cover Design by Marcjanna Urbanska

Morten Haxholm Quartet: ”Quintessence of Dust”

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Track listing:

01. Sleight of Hand

02. Fraps

03. Quintessense of Dust

04. Shifts

05. Mefisto

06. Nefertiti

07. Ganzfeld

08. Monk’s Dream


Line up:

Jonathan Kreisberg – Guitar

Morten Haxholm – Doublebass

Ari Hoenig – Drums

Nikolaj Hess – Piano


All compositions by Morten Haxholm except 06 + 08.

Recorded at the Village, copenhagen februrary 2013, released september 24th, 2014.

Recorded & Mixed by Thomas Vang, Master by John Fomsgaard

Album cover by Mike Højgaard

Morten Haxholm Chordless Quartet: ”Tesseract”

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Track listing: 

01. Suppossedly So

02. Tesseract

03. Intermezzo I

04. Lines

05. Twister

06. Elcano

07. Tumnalina

08. Intermezzo II

09. El Bastolon

10. Itzu


Check out the video from the studio:


Line up:

Melissa Aldana – Sax

Mads La Cour – Flugelhorn & Cornet

Morten Hæsum – Drums

Morten Haxholm – Doublebass


All compositions by Morten Haxholm.

Recorded at the Village september 2016 by Bjørn Gjessing,

released june 2017 on Gateway Music

Mix and Master by John Fomsgaard

Album cover by Mikkel Dysted

Morten Haxholm Quartet: ”Viridian”

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Track listing:

01. Eldritch


03. Stella By Starlight

04. Frantic

05. Birthday Waltz

06. Umber

07. Gloria

08. Along Came Betty


SECRET BONUS TRACK: “Cyclic Episode”

Line up:

Lage Lund – Guitar

Morten Haxholm – Doublebass

Morten Lund – Drums

William Larsson – Piano


Released May 29th 2015 on Gateway Music

Recorded at “The Village” by Bjørn Gjessing

Mixed by: Bjørn Gjessing

Cover By: Mikkel Schrøder Dysted